Мы покрываем Средиземноморье сетью вертолеты высадки в малых и международных аэропортов.

Содержимое на данный момент только на английском языке доступны!

Leisure Helicopter Charter

We arrange group activities for certain events.
We don´t make Last Minute search!
There is little chance to get a tour in the high season!

Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

Ever wanted to see spectacular coastlines with their long sandy beaches and bays?
Or see the places you live from a view you never heve seen before?
We recommend a tour to suit you or just tell us where you would like to fly.
We have photographers joining the trip to take professional areal photographs.
We can start from a exclusive location such as a restaurant, golf club etc., giving you a special atmosphere with the helicopter flight.

Helicopter Taxi — Airport Pickup

Reach quickly any destination. After approaching at the International Airport your pilot with the helicopter will be waiting for you at the Private Jet Terminal. Within a couple of minutes you will be flying directly to your villa or hotel.
The helicopter also can pick you up at your villa or hotel and bring you to the checkin at the International Airport.

Helicopter Dining

Special surprises with a helicopter tour and a 5 star lunch in a selected restaurant where a table will be waiting for you. Once you have finished the helicopter will bring you back to your destination.

Helicopter Picnic

We organise a fantastic helicopter tour in cooperation with a catering specialist.

Helicopter Gift Vouchers

We arrange an unforgettable experience for private events or special occasions such as anniversaries or weddings.


Helicopter for Photographers

Mostly we use a Robinson R44 for aerial photography. It has a safe and stable platform to shoot from. By removing the doors it gives a large area available to shoot a variety of angles.
Important for areal shooting or to follow regatas.


Corporate Helicopter Charter

Worldwide Helicopters are the «in» toy for business owners. The most economic ones owned and rented are the Robinson and the basic Eurocopter models to mention a few.

To improve your productivity or to add something special to your event. There are helicopters available from one to five passenger seats.

See the VIDEO about the Eurocopter 130 — Travellers may enjoy a restful journey thanks to the EC130’s very low internal sound level, exceptional visibility and efficient air conditioning system.

Helicopter prices are calculated in hours, from rotor start to rotor stop.
One way distance flights are calculated as round trips if the return flight cannot be covered by passengers.
Additional costs are calculated like helipad or airport fees (depending on the regional law) and VAT (depending the country).

Please contact us for a private flight quote for any upcoming trip!
Just let us know the routing, dates, preferred aircraft, and number of passengers and we will provide the quote!

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