Film team di produzione

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Film production teams and photographers …

  • You need to film in the best locations.
  • You need an experienced location manager who speaks the language.
  • You need a quick response and a realistic budget.

Welcome to the right place.


We search places and provide services on coastal locations in Spain …

Rentals for film and photo shooting:

  • Picture Boats, Camera Boats, Hospitality Yachts and Support Vessels
  • Helicopters with pilots experienced taking photo shootings
  • Private jets for high baggage capacity
  • Historical and luxury villas
  • Budget hotels for teams



Our experienced pilots understand the importance of lighting, positioning and stability, and the need to be completely adaptable while maintaining a high level of safety.

We are also coordinating …

  • local PR,
  • Web- and SocialMedia activities

during the production process in several languages.

We have local infrastructures and collaborators as well as contacts to townhalls, lawyers, hotels, photographers, skippers, helicopter pilots, telecommunication specialists, journalists etc.


We know about the needs of teams.

We are connected to the international social network for film, television and theater creatives Stage32.