Most of our clients we know through some fairs we publish in our magazines like (nautical topics) or (hi-tec and coaching topics).

They like to come back for incentives and our company organizes their stay, mostly in the Mediterranean.

As we specialize on port cities, we are in contact with many providers giving an excellent service to yachting and regatta events. On our new page CityInsiderXYZ we will show you some outstanding cities.

CityInsiderXYZ has started with Spain, as we love to show the exciting culture, the impressive landscape and the traditional food of this country.

More countries coming soon. In preparation is China, France, Italy.

In June 2016 we started the “City Insider Magazine”, which helps us to show you amazing locations with a good infrastructure for Leisure & Business.

cityinsider-iPhone6 获得灵感的幻灯片,视频和详细信息。